Visitation Policy


It is the Policy of Florida MENTOR to encourage and facilitate visitation with family and friends for any person that we serve while protecting the rights and safety of all persons that we serve in our ICF facilities.

Infection Control: A hand sanitizing station will be available for all visitors inside the entry of the facility.

Education for Visitors: Educational material regarding COVID-19 as well as a written copy of this policy will be available to all visitors prior to their visit.

Screening: All visitors must complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire, a temperature check, and a travel attestation. Any visitor reporting direct exposure or symptoms will not be allowed entry until the symptoms are resolved for at least 24 hours.

Personal Protective Equipment: All visitors must wear masks when visiting.

Length of Visits: There are no limitations on the length of visitation except in the case that it would interfere with the rights of others, such as during sleep time.

Number of Visitors: There are no limitations on the number of visitors.

The Person designated to make sure staff are complying to this policy: The onsite manager in charge will ensure that all staff and visitors are adhering to this policy.

Special circumstances: Under special circumstances such as end of life situations, when persons being served are struggling to adjust to a new situation, during a period of time when there are pending major medical decisions being made, when the person being served is experiencing distress or grief, when the person being served is experiencing the need for extra cueing or encouragement to eat or drink, in the event that the person being served who used to interacting and talking is seldom speaking, the facility will convene an IDT meeting and will make arrangements for visitation that may extend beyond the limits of this policy as needed to accommodate the specific needs of the individuals being served.


  1. Every building will have a designed point of entry for visitors with signage directing them and notifying them that masks are required to enter.
  2. All visitors will be offered hand sanitizer, access to educational materials about COVID-19 and this policy at the point of entry.
  3. All visitors will be directed in writing to sign-in as a visitor, complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire and a travel attestation, and do a temperature check prior to entry.
  4. Staff in the building will make sure that any visitors are screened and are not reporting symptoms or any direct exposures within the last 24 hours and will notify the onsite manager in charge in the event of any screening concerns before the visitor is allowed entry beyond the screening area.
  5. The onsite manager in charge will routinely monitor the points of entry and will respond when staff call them in regard to visitors.
  6. In the event that there are special circumstances such as an end of life situation, the facility will meet with the visitors and make a plan to accommodate the needs of the individual and their supports.
  7. Persons being served and their visitors will be provided with a private area to receive visitors.